Interest-Free Cash Advance Banks 2019

The cash money that you use by applying interest with a certain interest rate on the cash you have used is paid back with the addition of interest. However, banks can also help customers with zero-interest cash advances and halal cash advances by conducting campaigns in certain periods. What are the interest-free cash advance banks ?

What is Interest Free Cash Advance?

What is Interest Free Cash Advance?

Cash advances means that we can withdraw from our credit card at any time. We can withdraw cash from our card at any time in line with the limits of the credit card and provide cash usage at certain interest rates. In some cases, we can use cash advances within minutes with the help of ATMs during shopping, when we cannot use our credit card when we have urgent cash needs.

Of course, some conditions must be met in order to use a cash advance . For example, your credit card may be closed for cash advance transactions if your record is adversely affected as a result of previous payment irregularities. Although this is rare, it is still a condition that can happen. Is it possible to use cash advance without interest ? Is it possible to withdraw money from the credit card without interest? Let’s examine together which banks do not apply interest when withdrawing cash from a credit card.

Zero Interest Installment Cash Advance 2019

Zero Interest Installment Cash Advance 2019

If you want to use a cash advance with zero interest installment , it is a good idea to know that not every bank does this. The table above has been added in order to give a little information about the major banks. If you want to use cash advance in your cash needs, you can get help from the table above. Some banks do special campaigns for their customers in certain periods, while participation banks can directly provide interest-free cash advances. However, since it is a different working system than normal banks, we should remind you that you should work with these banks first. In the rest of the article, we will talk about the campaigns of the banks that provide interest-free cash advance.

Where to Pay Cash Advance?


Once the cash advance , installment numbers and amounts that you have taken from your credit card have been determined, they will be reflected on the first statement after you shoot. As this cash withdrawal will be reflected on your statement like a credit card spend, account cut and due dates will be valid in the same way. Please note that if you withdraw cash the day before the account cut-off date, you will be required to pay on the first following due date. You can also skip the payment until the next payment date, keeping an eye on the account cut-off date. Payments can also be made through ATMs, internet banking and bank branches.

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